Hello Everyone! Happy Friday.  Hope your week is going well.

Another ipleadthedesign post today and the theme is gallery walls.  In my opinion gallery walls are one of the most customizable aspects in a home or space and they show of the personality or life story of the person displaying the pictures.  With gallery walls there are endless possibilities! You can use prints, paintings, photography, etc.  They are also great ways to personalize a space that is temporary to make it feel more like home and are great conversation starters.  An amazing online shop which I’m sure everyone has heard of,  Society 6 is a great place to shop for amazing prints, pictures, and paintings while supporting artists at the same time by buying their art.  I’ve put together 3 gallery wall themes that can be used as inspo if you’re looking to create a gallery wall of your own.  I know I want to make my own very soon!

As usual all links will be below! Hope you enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Palm Tree Print

Ocean Print

Pineapple Print

Bike Print


Ink Lips Print

Floral Girl Print

Moon Phase Print

‘F*ck’ Print


‘Enjoy Life Eat Cake’ Print

Donut Cactus Print

Ice Cream Print

Pineapple Print



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